Mini Implants

                                                    MINI IMPLANTS


Mini Implants have been around since 1970 and were approved by the FDA in 1999.

Since then Mini Implants have become increasingly popular among dentist. They are used for supporting crowns in situations when there is not enough room or bone to support a standard size implant. They are very common for patients who wish to have implant dentures.

The  cost of a Mini Implant is generally more cost effective than a standard implant, generally about one third less.

Most Mini Implants come in four different diameters (sizes) and each of these come in four lengths.  The largest of the Mini Implants are placed in softer bone densities, usually found in the upper arches. The lower diameter Mini Implants are placed in more dense bone types.

Mini Implants are unlike standard implants in several ways. Unlike standard, Mini implants allow immediate placement or "loading" of dentures. This means that on the day we place the implant you can also leave with a denture. This helps with the healing process.


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