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DR Cardona is Proud to announce our new Kodak 9000 3D imaging system.


The Kodak 9000 3D extra-oral imaging system allows High resolution and low radiation x-ray images.

These images provide a much greater and precise detail than a regular digital xray.

This patient friendly system allows us to take a panoramic and three dimensional picture of a specific area. This allows the doctor to view all angles of the tooth, apex, bone and tissue, to help the doctor in making an accurate and precise diagnosis for implant and mini implant placement, oral surgery, endodontic treatment,dentures, complex restorative treatment, fistulas, lesions, bone imperfections, and many more dental treatment options.

This imaging system allows an instant view while your in the office. Saving both you and the doctor time. You will no loner have to go to another specialist and then wait while they view and diagnose then wait longer while they take time responding to Dr Cardona.

With Kodak dental imaging software, the imaging platform for all Kodak dental imaging systems, and its new 3D module, the system enables simple and efficient manipulation of 3D exams and measurements, providing easy access to all x-ray modalities and images.



This image from the 9000 3D system illustrates the software's oblique slicing feature.

The system's localized field of view limits irradiation to the patient and shows an area of 50 X 37 mm (approximately three to four teeth) in extraordinary detail, resulting in increased image accuracy and more detail per tooth. The voxel (VOlume piXEL), which represents a quantity of 3D data similar to a pixel representation in 2D data, features an edge size (or minimum slice thickness) of 0.076mm, and that translates into exceptionally high resolution.

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